The Amazing Accidental Hansa Theatre Rear Shot

Back when performing for four months at the Hansa Theatre in Germany, I was, as usual, videoing most of my performances. At one point, I started experimenting with using a new GoPro camera. I figured that they were small, easily installable into different parts of the theatre, and the new Hero 3 Black model came with a remote control; always useful.

I had good-but-mixed results from the camera, for reasons that could be a whole different article by themselves.

But one night I tried something unusual with it. I placed the camera at the back of the stage, facing forward towards the audience. I figured it would be interesting to watch the performance from behind. And it was. Without the distractions of the obvious front visuals of the performance, I noticed things I never would have otherwise. Little things about posture and motion, as well as the fact that I was strongly favouring one side of the stage over the other. Things that I'd never noticed when watching from the front.

There was another bonus to shooting from behind; I had no idea how awesome it looked from back there.

Seriously, check out this still frame:


It's probably the most dramatically satisfying image I've ever seen of myself on a stage, ever. Just one of the unexpected benefits from trying - in this case literally - to look at something from a new angle.



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