Two Magicians, One Mic.

Back in March 2016, a guy called Nick Paul asked me to be a guest on his podcast "Two Magicians One Mic," in which each month he would interview a different magician about life in the magic industry. Over the course of our interview, Nick and I discovered that we had a lot in common, and ended up becoming friends. (Link: the episode in question.)

Fast forward ten months, and by coincidence Nick and I were both booked at the House of Magic in Macau at the same time. Nick suggested we record a special weekly series of the podcast, gonzo journalism style, about what it's actually like to work a magic gig at a big casino in Macau. I thought that sounded fun, and The Macau Sessions were born.

Over the course of the nine episodes, the audience got to hear two men narrate the experience of performing at a glamorous Macau casino while gradually descending into an existential crisis. If that sounds like your cup to tea, here are the episodes:

The Macau Sessions

After Macau, and some much needed time to reset, Nick would occasionally ask me to fill in on the podcast when for whatever reason he couldn't get another guest in time. Over the months, my fill-ins happened increasingly frequently. People would start to come up to me, usually at magic events, and tell me how much they were enjoying "my podcast." I would hasten to point out that it wasn't at all "my" podcast," simply Nick's podcast that I was merely an increasingly frequent guest on.

However, after a few months of this, with Nick still alternating between Nick/Simon episodes and other magician guests, he noticed that the former were consistently getting more downloads than the latter. With the writing on the wall, we decided to formalise what most people assumed was the case anyway, and make it "our" podcast.

So, Two Magicians One Mic is now officially a Nick Paul / Simon Coronel production. I find talking FAR easier than writing, so if you've been missing the ThingsBySimon articles that have been largely absent for the past few years, the podcast may be a good place to catch up on what I'm doing, thinking, and feel is worth talking about.

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