Photos by Homer

Homer Liwag has a fairly well established reputation for being a goddamn genius. In between his duties as David Copperfield's design director, he's also an amazing magician, magic creator, designer, illustrator, videographer, photographer, and all-round polymath.

Though I first heard of Homer though his magic products CoinOne and CoinTwo (which I purchased purely because of their amazing videography and physical design, not even because I wanted to perform the excellent routines), I eventually came across his other works through the internet.

For example, some of his photography here on his website. I particularly love his Star Wars nudescapes, and his portraits and object shots.

So back in August when I was attending Magic Live, and I heard via Twitter that Homer was going to be running some incredibly reasonably priced photo shoots nearby, I jumped on the opportunity.

It turns out that Homer knew that a bunch of magicians and other quirky people were descending on Vegas, and was searching for interesting photo subjects. Luckily I qualified, and managed to make time in between rehearsals to head over.

Normally when you do a photo shoot, you take several hundred photos in order to get maybe three or four really good ones. By the end of the two hours, looking through the shots we'd taken, practically every second or third photo blew me away.

Just a few examples:


So thank you Homer for great session, and some incredible shots. I'm already using one of them for an upcoming show promo, and can't wait to work out what to use the others for.

If you ever find yourself at a magic convention in Vegas, and Homer announces that he's doing head shots in a nearby suite, I highly recommend taking him up on the offer.




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