Short and Sweet – A Short Theatre Festival


Short and Sweet is a performing arts festival that celebrates short-form theatre. You know; like a short film festival, but with live theatre pieces rather than films. Long story short, I'm going to be presenting a performance piece there next week.

This year's Melbourne Short and Sweet is split into three categories; Dance, Theatre, and Cabaret. My piece is in as part of the theatre category, which is pretty exciting considering that magic would normally just go in the Cabaret category, if at all.

The piece in question began as a small part of this year's Magic Festival show. Celeste, the Short and Sweet Theatre director, saw the show and suggested I try submitting the piece as a theatre work. One frantic script write and submission later, the piece had been accepted. It'll be fascinating to see how it's received in a theatre environment.

I'm part of Company F, performing on the 4th, 5th and 6th of December, at 9:30pm. Note the time, since there is also a different group of shows in at 7:30pm on the same nights.

Tickets are on sale here.



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