I’ve Never Been Described as “Dreamy” Before…

...or at least, not in a published interview. There's a first time for everything however, and this one is thanks to Cindy Marie Jenkins and her Working Directors column.

Cindy is a storyteller and community builder based in LA, and was heavily involved in the Hollywood Fringe. We initially met via the Fringe's active Twitter community, and finally got together in person over many sangrias at the Fringe Central cabaret tent.

She mentioned she was running a series of interviews with working directors. Hungry for promotional opportunities, I asked if directing your own one-man show counted. She said it did. I said that sounded fascinating. She sent me some questions. I answered them. (And by "answered them" I mean waited nearly two weeks of being overloaded with Fringe production stresses before even looking at them, then apologising profusely to Cindy for taking so long in getting back to her.)

She said that was fine, because she was probably going to take ages in putting the interview online anyway. She spoke the truth: the interview finally went up yesterday, about a month after that initial conversation.

I'm not complaining though, because the first two lines of her introduction...

Simon Coronel is an Australian Illusionist. As such, he is just as dreamy as you might imagine.

...made me go "aw shucks" and blush slightly. It's a reminder of just how remarkably people respond to Australian accents in the USA. Much like the effect an Irish or Scottish accent can have over here, but amplified by a factor of seventeen. Seriously. If you haven't been to America before, it's hard to explain just how strong an impact it can have.

The full interview is here. If you find yourself in LA, consider checking out one of Cindy's current projects. If you do, please tell her I said hi - in whichever accent suits you best.




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