Severe Case of Poster Envy

It's tricky designing a poster for a show when you don't really know what the show is going to involve yet. It's also tricky when you're so flat out just trying to bring the show to life that you really don't have a lot of head space for little things like, oh I don't know, promoting it and trying to get people to actually see it.

It's also tricky when your friend's show that you're working on has a poster a thousand times cooler than anything you're ever going to be able to create yourself. Also, at the time of writing, I really should have had posters and flyers printed and in circulation for several weeks now.

All a poster really has to do is persuade people to see the show without actively misleading them. For that purpose all you really need is the show title, a decent (and hopefully descriptive) tag line, and an intriguing and/or compelling image. As an image for a one person show, I'm a big proponent of making the performer's face the main feature of the poster. A human face is far more engaging than almost any other image you can present in a promotional layout.

And luckily, thanks to Asa Mahat and EG7, I currently have a doozy of a new photo.

So, highly stressed and weeks behind schedule, I quickly cranked out the poster below. It's no epic Hollywood-esque time travel poster, but it gets the job done.



(Tickets available here.)



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