Simon and Davefunkel – Live on Gay Radio


Back around the time of the Melbourne Magic Festival, mutual friend Jo Prior asked Dave Lee and myself if we'd be up for doing an interview on her radio show. Being shameless publicity whores, we said yes.

At the time we were insanely busy with the Magic Festival, and hence didn't stop to check much in terms of details. We just confirmed a date, a time, and where we should meet.

The day before the interview, it occurred to us that we should actually do some basic research about what we were walking into. We knew the show was called "The Escape Pod", that it was about travel, and that Jo hosted it. We had no idea what station it was on, or really anything else about it.

A quick Google search revealed that The Escape Pod was on 94.9 Joy FM. That rang a faint bell, but it wasn't until I checked the station's website that I remembered why.

"JOY 94.9 is a gay and lesbian volunteer-based community radio station committed to providing a voice for the diverse lesbian and gay communities, enabling freedom of expression, the breaking down of isolation and the celebration of our culture, achievements and pride."


Normally this wouldn't be a big deal. Thankfully 21st century Australia is approaching a point where nobody really cares what anyone's sexual orientation is. (Still a fair way away from that point, but at least approaching it, partly thanks to people like those in charge of Joy FM.)

But in this case, it's had already been a long-running joke that everyone suspects Dave and I of being a gay couple. We live together, work on shows together, and brunch a lot. Understandably, the signs are confusing. It obviously wouldn't matter if we were gay, but since we're not, it can lead to occasionally hilarious misunderstandings. Much like a guy and a girl who are just friends but everyone assumes are together.

What if we were being asked on the show under the assumption that we were actually a gay couple? That could get awkward.

We imagined the situation escalating rapidly. Like that scene in The Closet where Francois accidentally ends up being the giant-condom-crowned king of a Mardi Gras parade. I imagined Simon and Davefunkel ending up as unintentional gay icons, forced into living a lie by our own duplicity.

But in the end we said nothing. How would you even bring that up? "Um, just checking; is it ok if we're not gay?" We decided to try to be cool and just play the interview straight.

No pun intended.

In the end, everything went almost anticlimactically well. The interview was great fun and, just like it should be, nobody gave a damn what anyone's sexual orientation was. Jo and her co-host Mark were great to work with, and the whole experience was thoroughly positive. Thanks to them I can also share the recording here online.

Since we were on air for most of the hour, I've split the interview up into the four parts it was broadcast in. The first part is below, in which we discuss international performing, time travel, and Julian Assange.

[mp3 download - 7.9mb]

I'll post the next parts in future weeks when I'm stuck for ideas and need something to write about.


(Photo by flickr user cogdog, licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-2.0)



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