Simon and Davefunkel: Live and Actually Prepared Now

SAndDPreparedBack before this year's Melbourne Magic Festival, Dave Lee and I realised we badly needed a live audience in order to work on material for our upcoming and severely ill-prepared shows. Hence we found a small theatre, booked it for a few nights, and asked friends and family to come out and watch us work on our new stuff. We called the show "Simon and Davefunkel: Live and Insufficiently Prepared."

It was surprisingly entertaining.

It turned out that apart from the intrinsic entertainment of watching new material that might be great or hilariously terrible, the two of us had very complimentary styles of performing. My stuff was cerebral and erudite, and Dave's was wacky and pun-laden. No matter what you were into, there was something in the show that appealed.

Hence this week we'll be performing the pseudo-sequel; Simon and Davefunkel: Live and Actually Prepared Now. It'll be a combination of things that ended up working well in our respective festival shows, routines that were good but didn't make it in, and some new raw unprepared material to give it that same entertaining unpredictability of last time.

It's also very likely to result in a net improvement to all the material involved.

Tickets on sale now.



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