Recovery Week Night 7 – Aaaaaand I’m Spent

And we're finished. That was a fascinating week. Though the schedule wasn't quite as intense as the above photo implies (I wasn't actually doing all eight close-up shows), it did get pretty busy in the final two nights. As someone who spent five years working long hours at a Fortune 500 consulting company, I can tell you authoritatively that four shows per night can take a hell of a lot more out of you than even a 12-hour day at the office. It was a great week, but I'm glad to be able to ease off on the schedule for a bit.

It'll still be a couple of weeks at least before the Castle is fully open again (see for continued updates), but it seems well on the way to a full recovery. As Jack and Milt mentioned, the rebuild may even end up being a great opportunity to make some improvements.

Now, as for ThingsBySimon, it's back to the much more sustainable once-per-week update schedule. I'll be in Hollywood for at least the next week or so, teaching a beginners' magic course (Wednesday Nov 16th, details here), performing one night of my show Manipulations (Thursday Nov 17th, details here) plus a few other bits and pieces.

I'll also definitely be making it along to the Magic Castle a few times. Partly to keep in touch with how the rebuild is going, but mostly to enjoy the experience of such an amazing place.



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