Recovery Week Night 6 – The Unsung Heroes

Saturday night, and the Castle almost feels back to its old self. It obviously wasn't nearly as full as the normal Saturday nights (which are usually packed to the point of bursting), but it was good. The crowds have picked up, the shows are going well, and there was a proper party atmosphere throughout the venue all night.

As mentioned previously, there are so many people responsible for making the Magic Castle work. Though the performers tend to get the most recognition from the public, what makes the place great is the amazing team of managers, front desk staff, reservations team, event planners, photographers, valets, kitchen staff, servers, bar staff, accountants, lawyers, executives, directors, trustees, web designers, electricians, maintenance staff, and countless other roles that I'm probably not even aware of.

So, what better way to get an insight into the Castle this week than one of the people who is there at the front lines? I caught up with Steven Schultz, manager extraordinaire, to get his thoughts on how the week has been going.



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