Will The Internet Destroy Magic?

We were on TV last night. Specifically: Lawrence Leung, Dave Lee, Lee Cohen, Wayne Houchin, various other performers and magic festival attendees, and myself.

Lawrence creates regular short documentary-like segments for a TV show called The Feed on SBS2, and decided to base one on what was happening at the Melbourne Magic Festival. Specifically, focusing on the topic "Will the internet destroy magic?"

Apart from the massive bags under my eyes (mid-festival sleep deprivation), I'm really happy with how the segment came out. Kudos to Lawrence for not resorting to the wacky jocular approach you often see with TV segments about the magic industry.

The reaction that Dave and I noticed from the segment was as follows:

  1. Lots of people messaged us to say they saw the clip
  2. All of them thought it was interesting
  3. None of them believed Dave's claim that he doesn't use magic to pick up

So, the internet probably won't destroy magic. It may, however, be making it harder for a guy to show you a trick without it seeming like he's hitting on you.



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