Post-Perth Wrapup

Perth Fringe Team

Fringe World Perth is over. It was an amazing experience. Stressful in parts, but amazing. Thank you to everyone who made it possible, in particular:

  • The core production team, recruited a few weeks ago, without whom the show would not have happened at all. From left to right in the photo above, they are: Alex Wolfe, Jon Madd (of mermaid tank fame) myself, Sam Cribb, and Ghupi Venter.
  • The really quite ludicrously talented Renee Pilkington, via whom I managed to do several Fringe Caravan lunch-time promo shows, as well as a couple of extra performances that helped with sales and revenue significantly.
  • Melanie Bruyer for booking me in the Midnight Variety shows in the Spiegeltent, and all the amazingness that came with that. Getting to work backstage with The Freak and The Showgirl was an eye opening experience...
  • Bonnie Davies for A) being utterly delightful, and B) coordinating the Fringe Free Funnies shows that were a constant pleasure to perform in.
  • Magnus Danger Magnus for being a constant MC-ing presence throughout the fringe. Even though we had nothing to do with each other's proper shows, I think he introduced me about eight or nine times throughout the festival, in a different insane and hilarious character each time.
  • Lauren and Grant from Muse Bureau, Barry from, and Kerry from Poster Girls for their invaluable help with promoting and publicising the show.
  • Absolutely everyone I met in the Fringe World team, including but not limited to Amber Hasler, Brett McCallum, Marcus Canning, Megan Roberts, Kiera Treloar for all their help with, well, everything.
  • Everyone else who made the experience amazing, including (oh god I'm going to forget someone and it'll be awkward, but here goes anyway...) Johnny Domino and Sharee Rasmussen, Victoria Healy and her partner in comedy/crime Clara, Evie and Brenna the circus/ninja/amazing pseudo-twins, Alexis Dubus, Nikki Dagostino, Jaime Grant , Robbie Townsend, all the people of WASM who came to visit, and finally all the people who took the leap of faith of parting with money to watch me do things for an hour.

Thank you all. You were wonderful.




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