Tales From FISM – Look in My Pocket

Over the next few weeks, I want to share some of the stories behind the scenes from the whole FISM thing. A couple of them should be particularly illuminating, but will take me a while to write properly.

In the meantime though, here is a photo that captures a moment from the night before the competition. Dave Lee (my friend, collaborator, coach, and general ninja helper) and I had been working on finalising a few of the props to be used the next day. In particular, we needed two special playing cards for a surprise moment in the routine, where a chosen card transforms into two cards that say “Look…” and “…in my pocket.”

Given that it’s the world championships and all, we wanted them to look professional. However, neither of us has particularly great handwriting, and it was too late at night to hunt down someone else to help. So, we just figured we’d take our time and make as many attempts as it took to get it looking good.

About half an hour later, I suddenly realised that our hotel room desk looked like this:


We did finally get a set of cards we were happy with, which went on to deliver the goods the following day.

In the meantime though, we also have a perfect concept image for a psychotic thriller film in which a magician goes insane about the contents of his pocket.

I reckon Jim Carrey would go for it.




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