Live and Unknown in Las Vegas

In a few days' time, I'll be performing and speaking at the International Magic Experience conference in Las Vegas. It's looking like it's going to be an impressive event, and has one hell of a line up. Specifically, in the order that they appear on the IMX website:

David Berglas, Rudy Coby, An Halim, David Kaye, Kyle Knight & Mystie, Hayashi, Helder Guimaraes, Jason Bishop, Michael Ammar, Juliana Chen, David Acer, Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin, Ekaterina, Timothy Noonan, Ivan Pecel,Ellis & Webster, Banachek, Chris Capehart, Boris Wild, Morgan Strebler, Richard Sanders, Pit Hartling, Ponta The Smith, Oz Pearlman, Shoot Ogawa, Paul Vigil, Simon Coronel

Most of those people are pretty big names in the magic industry. What's interesting - and unusual for a convention this big - is that there are several people that I've never heard of before. Specifically Jason Bishop, Ekaterina, Timothy Noonan, Ivan Pecel, and Kyle Knight & Mystie. They're most likely people who, like myself, have been performing entirely for the public, and not (yet) released any material aimed at other magicians.

In an industry where many conventions are dominated by the same big names seen again and again, I'm actually excited to be seeing a few unfamiliar ones. When it comes to picking which sessions to attend, I'm looking forward to having the chance to see what these lesser known people have to share.

This may also may help explain why, despite me being A) one of the less recognisable names on the list, and B) right down at the bottom, my session on Tuesday night has proven surprisingly in demand. With over 60 registrants, it's apparently one of the more popular ones at the conference so far.

I didn't expect this at all. While it's obviously exciting, it also means I'm going to be more nervous than I would be normally. This is by far the biggest conference I've presented at yet, and having such a strong turn out raises the stakes considerably.

So, no pressure... :-)




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