Live and Sunlight Deficient in Las Vegas

Magic Conventions can have a serious impact on your Vitamin D levels.

The photo above (from my good friend and talented set designer Darcy Prevost) was taken on day 2 of the IMX Conference after I saw my first sunlight for just over 48 hours. We had left the convention centre briefly to pick up some emergency printed handouts for the lecture I was giving that night.

The mildly disturbing thing was that until the light hit me, I hadn't even realised I'd been indoors for that long. The convention schedule had been so intense (8am breakfasts, all day back-to-back events until 11pm, then sessioning until passing out at 4am or so) that I'd barely had time to remember to wear pants, let alone consider how long it had been since I'd seen the sun.

However, the convention was amazing. I met some awesome people, went to some brilliant sessions, and had some of the most hilarious and fun conversations of my life. I was also a little overwhelmed by the positive feedback on my performance and lecture; it far exceeded my expectations. Thank you everyone who came over to say how much they enjoyed it; I really appreciate the kind words.

Now please excuse me while I go and pass out for a few days.

Ideally in the sun.




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