Once You Go Jack…

Handsome Jack Show PosterFive years ago I was booked to perform at the Magic Castle in Hollywood for the first time. The guy who booked me, John Lovick, is performing in Melbourne this week as his alter ego Handsome Jack.

The detail that makes this particularly interesting is that I'm producing the show. See over there on the poster? That little "Simon Coronel presents..." up at the top? I will admit that I'm just a little proud of that. This will be the second time I've produced someone else's show independently, and it's something I hope to be doing a lot more of in the next few years under the new Black Label Productions banner.

Performing can be a wonderful way to earn money, but it can get draining if you do too much of it. The possibility of breaking up the flow by producing other people's shows occasionally appeals to me a great deal.

It's also an intrinsically good feeling to be involved in bringing a great piece of entertainment to life. This is even more true when it's features a guy who is A) one of my personal favourite performers, and B) responsible for the Magic Castle booking that led, both directly and indirectly, to some of the most amazing experiences of my life.

So if you're in Melbourne this week, head on over to blacklabelproductions.com/jack and come see a genuine Hollywood entertainer-to-the-stars in action. I promise you won't be disappointed.




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