June 2011: Marathon Month

It has been one hell of a month. I just realised that over the course of June, I'll have performed 48 separate shows in 30 days. And that's not even counting the shows and workshops I was doing at the IMX Conference in late May.

This would explain the sleep-deprived hallucinations of the past few days.

For the sake of reflecting on just what a marathon it really was, here is the full list. I originally wrote it out simply in an effort to figure out the actual number of shows. The total of shows per day is in (brackets) at the end of each line.

Monday 6th June: Four evening shows at the Magic Castle, plus a show at Monday Night Tease immediately afterwards (5)
Tuesday 7th June: Four evening shows at the Magic Castle (4)
Wednesday 8th June: Four evening shows at the Magic Castle (4)
Thursday 9th June: Four evening shows at the Magic Castle (4)
Friday 10th June: Two daytime shows, plus four evening shows at the Magic Castle (6)
Saturday 11th June: Four shows at the Magic Castle  (4)
Sunday 10th June: Two-hour lecture for Magician members of the Castle, followed by another four evening shows (5)
Wednesday 15th June: Cabaret slot the the Hollywood Fringe Festival opening night party (1)
Thursday 16th June: Stage and Close-Up performances at Jeff McBride's Wonderground Club in Las Vegas (2)
Friday 17th June: Simon Coronel - Manipulations show at 5:30pm, followed by a 9pm cabaret slot at Fringe Central (2)
Saturday 18th June: Early 6pm slot at the Fringe Cabaret, followed by Manipulations 11pm show (2)
Sunday 19th June: Manipulations 4pm show, plus a 9pm fringe cabaret slot (2)
Monday 20th June: Featured Fringe Cabaret slots in the 7pm and 9pm shows (2)
Tuesday 21st June: Featured Fringe Cabaret slot at 9pm (1)
Friday 24th June: Manipulations 11pm show (1)
Saturday 25th June: Manipulations 11pm show (1)
Sunday 26th June: Manipulations 3:30pm mantinee, and 7:30pm evening show (2)

Then on July 1st (tomorrow night) I fly back to Australia to perform another 8 shows over the next couple of weeks in the Melbourne Magic Festival. This trip has been amazing; I've met some incredible people, had some great feedback, leveled up my skills significantly, and nearly passed out from the wonderful exhaustion of it all.

The flight home is 16 hours long. There is a good chance I'll sleep like a baby all the way.




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