I Like Myself Now

As of a few days ago, I have a Facebook Fan Page. It was something I'd been putting off doing because well, to be honest, it feels a little strange to me. The idea of having "fans" is not something I'd spent much of my life considering. I got into magic and illusion because of pure intrinsic fascination with it, and the public recognition that eventually followed has been an unexpected side effect.

Hence why I'd never put much thought into marketing or publicity. Now that I'm doing bigger and bigger public shows though, it's got to the point where I'm getting somewhat overloaded with friend requests. It's actually a little awkward - filtering through the friend requests trying to work out whether this is someone I know and whose name I've forgotten, or someone I've never actually met who just happened to see the show.

So, I now have a fan page. Hopefully it will help separate the personal friend requests from the random ones, and also give an easy way to provide people with news of upcoming shows. The latter will be particularly useful, since due to the aforementioned lack of thought into marketing or publicity, I've been woefully neglectful of sending any updates to the few hundred people on my mailing list.

So I finally clicked "Like" on my own fan page this morning. It was a weird moment of existential reflection. "Simon Coronel likes Simon Coronel" is a status update that sounds like a healthy dose of self esteem.

Hopefully it'll also lead to a healthy dose of getting my marketing and publicity under control.




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