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Simon Coronel on Kids' WB

Even though most of the work I currently do is for corporate events or private parties, every now and then something from a different demographic comes up. In this case, it was a friend who works at the Kids' WB show on Channel 9, asking if I'd be interested in coming in to do a segment. Specifically, he thought the FISM Oceania story would make an entertaining angle for an interview.

Even though it's primarily a children's show, it turns out that a surprisingly broad range of people tune in each day. The biggest unexpected demographic is 20-40 year olds who watch for the classic Looney Tunes cartoons, as well as Batman enthusiasts who tune in for the animated series.

The show's guest list also reads like a who's who of Melbourne entertainers, with friends and colleagues such as Sarah Jones, Tom Davis, Anthony De Masi, Nicholas J Johnson, Alex De La Rambellje, Anyone for Tennis, and various other Melbourne variety scene regulars.

I was a little nervous about the unfamiliar format (having not done a lot of children's television before), but nothing went hideously wrong. Here are a couple of clips from the segment - the first was just an introduction to what we were doing, and the second was when Andrew (one of the hosts) challenged me to a magic-off.

My favourite part of both is Lauren's audible reactions to the illusions from off-camera.

Part 1: Close-Up Illusion for Beginners:
[jwplayer config="simonjwplayer" mediaid="715"]

Part 2: The Magic-Off
[jwplayer config="simonjwplayer" mediaid="716"]




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