Chair Saga Part III: The Chairs Live On

ChairStackFlickrQuinnanyaA couple of months ago I wrote about buying 40 chairs of various heights to improve the seating visibility for my and Dave Lee's shows at the Melbourne Magic Festival. The article ended with me wondering what the hell we were going to do with the 40 chairs now that the shows were over.

Well, it turns out that the article itself provided us with an answer.

Friend and colleague Luke Hocking happened to read the piece and contacted us to ask about hiring the chairs for his upcoming show "Impossible Occurrences." He'd been facing exactly the same challenge as us - a flat seating room with insufficient visibility for his show. One mate's rates cash transaction and a trip with a van later, the chairs were ready to live on in Luke's show.

It's also worth noting that since Luke probably wouldn't have known about the chairs if not for the article, this marks the first time that this blog has actually produced some tangible income.

I think I'll celebrate with a beer in the no-longer-completely-packed-full-of-chairs garage.


(Photo by Flickr user quinnanya, licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0)




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