Within an 8K Radius

Back in 2012, right in the middle of the chaos of preparing for the magic world championships, I had the privilege of being involved in a really interesting project.

The Classic Cinema in Elsterwick, Melbourne decided to sponsor a series of short mini-documentary films about people that live within an 8-kilometre radius of the cinema. The idea was to showcase a variety of interesting and unusual people that live around the area, and use the films as introductory shorts before feature films in the cinema.

Clayton Jacobson, most famous as director of Kenny (for the record, one of my favourite ever Australian films) came on board to direct the series of 9 short films. Working with Clayton was a great experience, and it was exciting to be part of a project that ended up being so well received.

Sadly I missed the opening night due to being in the US, and I didn't actually end up seeing any of the films until nearly six months after they were released. But recently Clayton put the whole set up online, and they're now available for public viewing.

You can watch the whole series here (about 45min long): [YouTube link]

Or if you just want to jump straight to the one I was involved with:



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