What Happens Backstage…. Goes on YouTube

In between the 147 shows I'm doing at the Hansa Variety Theatre in Germany over the next few months, I suddenly have a lot more free time than I've had in a while. I'm in a new city, with a relatively low daily workload, and a lot of flexibility.

After the last 18 months of almost total manic balls-to-the-wall intensity, this represents some wonderful and much-needed down time.

So, apart from catching up on paperwork, taxes, and a bunch of other projects, I thought it would be interesting to chronicle some of the oddities of life backstage at a German Variety Theatre.

Hence after getting approval from the theatre directors to use the logo etc, it is my pleasure to present the behind-the-scenes interviews of Hansa Backstage (TM):

Clearly we the next big internet smash hit on our hands here.

Well, not counting Simon and Davefunkel, obviously.



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