Unexpectedly Featured

A few months back I received an email from Tim Ellis asking me to contact Mark Ellis (no relation), the Arts Editor of The Age (Melbourne's second largest newspaper) about a story on the Melbourne Magic Festival.

I spoke to Mark for close to an hour on the phone; about wold championship competitions and the Magic Festival and various other things. Interview finished, I promptly forgot all about it in the chaos of FISM preparation.

Fast forward a month or so, and with the MMF looming I realised that the article was going to appear soon. When it finally did, I was slightly stunned to find that rather than the general article about the festival that I'd been expecting, the article was now a feature piece purely about this guy here and his recent life story.

Not only was it a great article, it also had a huge effect on the surprisingly good ticket sales for my two festival shows. So, thank you very much to Mark Ellis of The Age for a thoroughly pleasant journalism experience.

The article is available online here at The Age's website, or here in the form of a scanned JPEG in case the first link vanishes into the online aether at some point.




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