Recovery Week Night 2 – Interview with Mark Haslam

(Daily updates as the Magic Castle recovers from the halloween fire. Introduction here, and night 1 coverage here.)

Last night was a big improvement on Monday. Thanks to a special scheduled performance by legendary magician Shimada, we had far more people in the venue. Even though it was still a much smaller crowd than usual, the fact that only half the building is open meant that it still felt full enough for a good night.

But don't take my word for it - here's some thoughts from another performer here this week, the inimitable Mark Haslam:

The thing that I enjoyed the most about last night was getting properly adjusted to the different layout and A/V setup of the Peller Theatre. It's a room in the Magic Castle that is normally only used on Fridays and Saturdays, but has a far better lighting and sound rig than the close-up gallery or parlour. With the aid of manager and generally talented person Bella Luna, we worked out a new lighting plot for my show, and I think we've managed to create something quite interesting.

Even though it's a challenging week for everyone - performers, staff and guests alike - getting to use a full lighting rig for an intimate 30-person show is a silver lining that I'm really enjoying.



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