Preparing for The EG

EG Conference ThumbnailIn a few days, I will be in Monterey, California, speaking at what is by far the most exciting event I’ve ever been asked to speak at.

It’s called The EG (The Entertainment Gathering), is run by Michael Hawley, and is, in his words:

Essentially, 500 attendees of whom 50 present. A very high density of genius in all fields --- rising stars, living national treasures, Oscars, MacArthurs, Pulitzers, Nobels, artists, scientists, musicians, magicians, etc.

When Michael first told me about the conference, a quick look at the list of past presenters was enough to instantly validate his claim. And then some. The road from that moment to now, where I’m preparing to speak at The EG later this week, is an interesting and slightly bemusing one. But it’s also a story for another time, because right now nearly 100% of my brain is absorbed with preparing for the next few days.

What is a story for now though, is that for the first time The EG is running EG Everywhere - an online access version of the conference. It features, as per the sign-up page:

  • Live simulcast of the conferences, starting with EG in Monterey, 12-14 April.
  • Presentation videos on demand in HD, as well as interviews, and other materials as soon as they are archived and available.
  • Access from all major platforms: web, tablets, smartphones.
  • Members-only access including direct access to the EG member community

It's only $200 for the year, which if I weren't here at the real thing I would probably pay for in a second. Then again, I'm almost completely high on the buzz of being asked to present at this astonishing event.



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